The Cars of the Great American Century- Features

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This is a very young web site. As we go forward, you will see a growing collection of detailed photos of great cars. All across the country, people have restored and preserved wonderful relics of the last century. Each one is unique. View Gallery.
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Mountain Cobra
A sports car in the English tradition was a beautifully designed, small car that was fun to drive on country roads. When Carroll Shelby designed his sports car, it had serious power and looked it.
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The Horseless Carriage
It really wasn't so long ago that rigging a carriage with a gas-powered engine was a relatively new idea. When my grandmother was a little girl, she didn't see one of these very often. She was in her mid twenties when the 1909 Packard came out. Cars evolved quickly during her lifetime, and she would live long enough for the story of landing on the moon to become old news.
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Private Collections
We've decided to add a new section called Private Collections. Our first feature in this category is a wonderful collection of 11 cars and one classic tractor owned by a car dealership.

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Packard Gold Mine
The Fort Lauderdale Car Museum. Visit our photo gallery of what may be the most spectacular collections of Packards. Built by a couple who loved Packards, this museum has beautifully cars from 1916 to 1956. Visit Museum
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